The Language of Emotion

There is a language more ancient than any other. A language full of meaning, but absent of any words. In this language, our bodies speak to us all day long, but most of it we usually can’t understand.
Luckily, the language of emotion can easily be learned. It’s not too late to master your body’s method of communication and regain your control over it. This is why we’re here! To help you master the wordless language of emotion, and finally, reconnect with yourself.

Every article on this website will take you on a journey through a different emotion, and a different part of your unconscious/subconscious mind. Keep in mind that wondering around the non-conscious realms is the equivalent of walking through a place you’ve never visited before while wearing a blindfold. It is complicated, demanding, and often frustrating. If anything in here doesn’t seem clear to you, or if you tried something and it didn’t quite work out for you. Please, navigate to the contact-us page and leave us a message with all the details. We will do our best to make things clearer and more approachable for everyone.

Emotional Awareness

The first steps in increasing your Emotional Intelligence is correctly labeling and deeply understanding of emotions.

The Mechanism Behind Trauma

Trauma is probably the most challenging thing a person has to deal with, but from all the things you could ever do, nothing can improve your life more.


Useful guidance on how to increase coherency and establish peace between the different aspects of the self.

Getting to know your Unconscious

A perpetrator, a parasite, or a just a wounded inner child, how should we address this unconscious resident we share our mind with?

Personal Stories

Personal experiences of challenges and triumphs.

Other Topics

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